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Courses that would make students AI-ready. Check out Short, Hybrid and Embedded AI System courses to meet your learning goals. All our courses are designed and developed by alumni of IIT, IIIT and IIM to prepare students for the future. Our project-based pedagogy would effectively convert the knowledge into skills – Explore our courses today and ask for a demo.

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Future-ready Short Courses

AI is powerful and AI is future, irrespective of your career choice. Hence, we have carefully designed courses to lead the students step-by-step towards the ultimate goal of being a AI-Practitioner. ‘Must for ALL’ course are essential for everyone to prepare you to be the best. Along with that choose age specific courses as per your learning plan. In case you’re not sure about the courses, please connect with us to draft a career and learning path for you. We guarantee skills and fun.

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  • Python Progamming

    Python Programming for AI





    Python is a simple yet powerful programming language to achieve...

  • Limitations

    Limitations of AI





    AI is omnipresent, however,has its own limitations. Some of these are humans...

  • AI Project Cycle

    AI Project Cycle





    We expect our students to solve real-life problems using AI solution.That...

  • Essential Skills

    Essential Skills for AI





    AI is the most promising technology of the 21st Century.Yet, it is intriguing...

Hybrid Full-AI Course

Commit to 3-level full AI course covering from foundation to deep learning. This online course offered in Hybrid mode ensures systematic transformation of students into AI Practitioners & Problem Solvers. AI is not a subject but a futuristic way of life for which the future generation need to prepare for – AIforGood

Foundation for AI

Foundation for AI

Learn the basics of data-centric approach getting comfortable with Essential Skills, Python, SQL, Advanced Excel, Visualization Techniques to pave your path towards AI.
Data Science

Data Science

Focuses on teaching students how to draw insights from data using machine learning algorithms for informed decision making. Includes Foundation for AI course.
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Full AI course that includes Foundation and Data Science courses covering block and text coding to transform students into an AI-practitioner to solve real-time problems.


₹ 36,7001 on 1plus₹ 21,500Group of 5

  • 17 Modules
  • 5 Months Duration
  • 13 Projects
  • AI4Good approach
  • 3 Course Certifications
  • Mentor Support
  • Real-time AI practice
  • Career Guidance
  • Internship Options
  • Personal Profile Page
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