Learn Robotics, ML & AI in 5 easy Stages.

Launch your curiosity today and build products. A guided learning program with Kits for Students of Grades 6 to 12

Dec 4th at 10AM
ONLINEGrades 6 to 12

Parent Orientation Programme

Robotics, IoT, Edge AI as future career?

AI, IoT & Robotics are the upcoming technologies that are going the shape the future of the world. There won't be any career domain in future that is not touched by these technologies.

  • 05- Stage approach from ROBOTICS to AI

  • Hybrid & Kit based Learning

  • AI4Good project based learning

  • Machine Learning & Data Science

    Committed to improve six critical components

      • Algorithmic Thinking
      • Problem Solving
      • Coding Skills
      • Maths & Science Skills
      • Critical Thinking
      • Machine Learning

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    Everything to learn about Robotics to AI.

    Stage-wise systematic approach with handholding to transform students to be future ready.

    Learn Electronics and Arduino including coding to work on Robotics by following 70+ project ideas.

    Simplified Hybrid Learning Process.

    We have overcome the greatest hurdle in learning Robotics. Kit would reach the student followed by online learning.

    Don’t buy the kits - We lend them to you.

    Enroll into the course to receive a kit. Complete your online learning
    and return the kit. Convenient & economic model.

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    • About AITinker

      Suresh Kadari, Founder of SchoolforAI

      TinkerAI is a Robotics to Embedded AI platform, part of SchoolforAI, to make Robotics fun and adorable. Lend or Buy, it’s your choice - Learning never stops until you complete the 5-stages.

    The greatest hurdle to learn Robotics is the availability and affordability of the learning kits. Students progress over years and may not be able to invest in various kits. We have solved this issue.

    “Kits would reach the learner not the other way around“

    Designed to facilitate stage-wise learning from basics to embedded AI, learners could commit to the courses and progress as per their learning appetite. We have 5-stages to cover from Arduino to embedded AI. Build a career path or learn to improve skills.

    Once you enroll into a program the hardware kit would reach you, as applicable. Every student would get a personal dashboard. Hybrid learning supports e-learning, practical projects, and master classes to transform student into a real Robotics or AI-Practitioner. Just pick you stage and start.

    Showcase your learning and build home-based projects. Convert your ideas into a prototype or compete with others.